Friday the 13th of September - Sunday the 15th of September 2019!

Friday the 1

We are pleased to announce our first guest for 2019. We will be joined by the wonderful Caroline Munro, a star of the Hammer horror films and a former Bond girl, Caroline will be joining us to talk about her career and holding a Q and A session before introducing one of her films. We will update soon on ticket prices, dates and venues for this event.

Spook Screen will be joined by casting directors Ros Hubbard, John Hubbard, and Mary Maguire. They will combine their forces and host a self tape and audition workshop.

Hollywood veteran Chris Roe is coming as a guest to provide an extensive overview of his career. He will be showcasing a documentary for his dear friend and horror legend George Romero which will be shown as part of a thematic programme dedicated to Romero's indelible legacy.
A fearsome festival of fiendishly spooky celluloid. This September Cork City will be the backdrop as Spook Screen will provide a petrifying plethora of thrills and chills as well as talks and interviews on a wide array of horror topics. We take scary and funny films as long as the subject matter is spine-chilling and supernatural. Enter now if you dare! And if you scare!